Laboratory document dating

07-May-2016 03:43

Reports are prepared for a variety of courts, both Civil and Criminal in the UK and abroad.On occasions, Ellen Radley also undertakes Legally Aided matters, caseload permitting.For more than five decades, the laboratory has had an international reputation and regularly receives instructions from all over the world.The laboratory has two document examiners who primarily undertake privately funded casework.Avoid problems at inspection time » Follow your documents from writing / editing, through custom approval process, to major and minor revisions, to retirement.

Our Practice is the longest established private independent laboratory in Great Britain dealing with the examination of questioned documents.

Inks may also be distinguished by other more complex chemical tests but these are likely to be destructive to some extent.

LGC is fortunate in having the backing of its world renowned analytical chemistry section.

We occupy 6,000 square feet of professional office space where our state-of-the-art instruments are located.

The visual appearance of inks is only one clue to their composition.Care must be taken when inks are deemed to be indistinguishable using any testing method.